give a 2nd life to our cycling clothes

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re:beat: giving your cycling clothes a second life

the best (and perhaps the only) way to reduce the socio-environmental impact of the textile industry is to reduce our consumption. it starts by making sure that our products last as long as possible, but because sometimes you want to renew your wardrobe, we suggest that you extend the use of your clothes even further... on others shoulders. coming soon...

in the meantime, receive your discount code to be used on our 1st 2023 pre-order campaign in exchange for the cycling clothes you no longer use

purple friday

until the end of the year we are offering an operation aimed at extending the life of cycling clothing that you no longer wear.
1. sort through your drawers
2. register for the operation by clicking on the link below to indicate the type of coin you are donating
3. we contact you to arrange collection
4. we will give them to the FASSOL association which will take care of transporting them to Burkina Faso in 2023 in order to give them to local cyclists!