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road jersey men -

product description

our very first road jersey features some of earthbeat's founding colours: majorelle blue, midnight black and very peri.

this 1st jersey was designed with you:

  • raglan type sleeves which means without seams under the armpits to avoid chafing and irritation

  • a slightly high collar

  • 3+1 back pockets and we added one on the right side to receive waste

fabrics are produced locally, in France, by a company that supplies all major World Tour teams;
they have the unique feature of being woven using a method usually dedicated to trousers: the warp and weft, which allows them to be much more resistant.
this choice of fabric perfectly meets the objective of making our road jerseys as durable as possible.
moreover, these fabrics offer 2 other interesting qualities: lightness and compression

the unique design of the hypernature! jersey comes from:

1. the broken horizontal line which splits the torso at the level of the sternum and marks the separation between the 2 colors.

2. its different yokes of different fabrics, colors and patterns: the back and sides are cut from a fabric weighing 75g/m2, thus ensuring optimal lightness and heat evacuation without exposing you to sunburn since all our fabrics are UV30+/50+

2. the discreet presence of the brand: a specifically developed label is placed on the middle back pocket and is made of reflective material: invisible during the day, the brand has you covered while you're still on the saddle and the sun is having a break.

all fabrics are OEKOTEX 100 certified


confection : CENYO workshops - France

material traceability:

piece vendor place of manufacture
mesh SOFILETA France
rubber bands
Mab SPA Italy
silicone bands SERIPRESS France
reflective tapes and details SHINDO Japan
logo back pocket REGINE IQTRIM Germany



    - front fabric and sleeves: 75% polyester / 25% elastane - 100g/m2
    - side, back and pocket fabric: 78% polyester / 22% elastane - 75g/m2
    - mesh inside zipped pocket: 93% polyester from recycling channels (*)/ 7% elastane - 160g/m2
    - bias upper pocket finishes: 80% polyester / 20% polyurethane
    - inside neck tape: 80% polyester / 20% polyurethane
    - neck hanger: 100% polyester
    - reflective band: 100% polyester

    * the polyester we use here is guaranteed to be 100% recycled by our supplier and 100% made of post-consumer plastic, i.e. it has had at least had a 1st life before being incorporated into our products.
    this is not always the case when "recycled" is used to design fibers coming from "pre-consumer" plastic.
    this actually corresponds to an industrial optimization process aimed at reusing scraps from production lines (of bottles for example).
    moreover, calling some fibers as "recycled" can be misleading as post-consumer plastics can be very heterogeneous and "damaged". they therefore cannot be used alone and need to be mixed with virgin polymers, the proportion of which is often close to 80%, in order to obtain products that meet brands' standards, which however do not hesitate to call these products "recycled" when in reality, only a minority proportion is actually recycled.


    - fabric: PAYEN PAGASTIC - France - made of polymers made in Germany by BASF
    - mesh: SOFILETA - France - made from recycled polyester yarns made in Italy
    - elastics bands: Mab SPA - Italy - from yarn made in Italy
    - zips: YKK - Turkey
    - silicone tapes: SERIPRESS - France
    - reflective tapes and details: SHINDO - Japan
    - reflective logo: Régine IQtrim - Germany

    Size: M

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