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hypernature! the origins

the first earthbeat collection is inspired by our relationship with nature. in Floralia (2022), the artist Sabrina Ratté presents immersive floral 3D experiences where one immerses oneself in monumental images of natural/surreal elements which fragment and reconstruct themselves all around oneself;

an immersive poetic experience with familiar sensations that fascinates us. this experience led us to reflect on our place in the world and to draw our inspiration from works of art that transcend our relationship to Nature.

we have chosen artists who bring nature into their creations or whose works take place in nature. they and they come de facto to question the very concept of Nature, its borders as well as the place of humans and their activities which transform it .

the dissonance provoked by these works at first glance reflects the torrents of energy that we deploy to find a place that suits us in this world. after a few moments this dissonance gradually gives way to the harmony that these works manage to establish with the elements that surround them.

wrapped in our jerseys and shorts, riding our carbon, steel, aluminum or titanium machines, we too, cyclists, realize this gesture.