.cycling is an excuse.

on a bike, I become one with the elements,
I feel their strength and their fragilities

we are aware that we are only passing through,
we love stones, streams, waves, heat and cold, we love the sound of the wind, the trees and all the beings that inhabit these elements.
our hearts beat to the rhythm of the planet.

we ride because it makes us feel alive.
this strengthens the bond that unites us to the elements, throws into question the fundamental questions concerning our place in the cosmos.
and that’s the only thing we take seriously…

we believe in beauty and empathy, we believe that they are the only paths to a kinder world.
let's take care of each other and there is only one way to do this: strengthen the bonds of complicity, we all depend on each other.

let's smile, make the effort to reach out to each other, let's give and share the intensity of the emotions we experience by bike.
let’s cultivate strong interactions.

we defend more responsible production AND consumption.
we are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality, durable clothing.
at the same time, we are campaigning to convince as many cyclists as possible that while buying better, they must buy less.

earthbeat gets involved

we are a member and signatory of the following organizations or charters

"Fashion Green Hub is an association of fashion and textile companies committed to a rapid sustainable transition .

Since its creation at the end of 2015, it has produced collective solutions for more sustainable, ethical, local and innovative fashion, creating jobs in the regions and in line with the European Union's decarbonization objective."

Today it brings together 400 members located throughout France. She was born in Roubaix, a Textile City and a pioneering Zero Waste City, and is keen to support all businesses, small and large, through collective work and concrete projects.

Its members are large companies, designers, schools, researchers, manufacturers, start-ups: the entire value chain is building together the Fashion that everyone wants.

We lead this national sector of committed actors.


“We are brands, factories, economic players in fashion, brought together in the En Mode Climat association.

We understand that it is futile to count on spontaneous changes in the behavior of companies for our sector to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions, because they would have no economic interest in doing so. We therefore need binding legislation that forces them to adopt a more reasoned production model.

Through En Mode Climat, we use our power of influence to demand laws that fight against the climate catastrophe, which serve the common good and not our own economic interests."