cycling is an excuse

when riding, I am one with the elements,
I feel their strength and their fragility

we are cycling lovers.
whatever the conditions, we ride. it's a way to feel alive and connected to the elements around us

we love to wear beautiful and efficient gear when we ride, it makes us feel good and united, and it makes us want to ride more.
equally, we are at the forefront of using the greenest and most ethical ways possible of producing those beautiful and efficient clothes

we are “untouched nature” enthusiasts :

we love stones, streams, waves, warmth, cold, the sound of the wind, trees...

we are acting for a more sustainable value chain involving better ways of producing clothes

what's the point of making beautiful jerseys if they're dirty before worn?

earthbeat is committed and involved

we are members and signatories of the following organizations or charters

"Fashion Green Hub is a fashion and textile business association founded in 2015. Since its creation, it has carried the message of a more sustainable, ethical, local and innovative fashion, creating jobs locally.

It now brings together 300 members located throughout France. FGH was born in Roubaix, City of Textile and Pioneer City of Zero Waste , and is committed to supporting all companies, small and large, through collective work and concrete projects.


Our mission is to develop an innovative and sustainable fashion & textile activity, in particular the Hauts-de-France, through collective work between companies as well as shared efforts.

“We are brands, factories, economic players in fashion, brought together in the En Mode Climat association.

We understand that it is futile to rely on spontaneous changes in corporate behavior for our sector to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions, because it would not be in their economic interest to do so.
We therefore need a legislation that forces them to adopt a production model that makes more sense.

Through En Mode Climat, we use our power of influence to ask for laws that fight climate crisis, that serve the common good and not our own economic interests."