100% clear

we start from the principle - presumptuous? - that our concerns are also those of many of you

by giving ourselves the mission of creating a brand that reshuffles the cards of the textile value chain, we know that we will face headwinds and surprise

whether it is about our organization, our decision-making processes, our suppliers, the construction of our prices or even our questions, we are committed to explaining everything to you, with the only limit that of not boring

being transparent is for us the essential building block of the mutual trust that we intend to build

challenge him
status quo

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,” Einstein said.

we constantly ask ourselves to what extent it is possible to change the way of doing these things in order to meet the challenges of our time: to better meet your expectations and reduce the socio-environmental impact of the life cycle of our products

this often brings complexity because we think outside the box and ask our partners to operate differently

this requires tenacity and persuasiveness from us insofar as they might be tempted to impose on us their mode of operation, their methods

this requires openness and curiosity because we also ask you to consider how you consume and use your cycling clothes

inspire all around

cycling is an incredible source of stories and encounters that we experience alone or that we share.

telling stories on a bike, the way we live them, telling the stories behind your clothes, those of the people who make them.

build bridges with the sources of inspiration from our daily lives that we come to draw where our curiosity takes us.

promote sobriety

you & us otherwise nothing

we commit our skills and our energy to change the situation and show that it is possible to develop a brand by relying on a model focused on its customers and responding to contemporary issues

we believe that "less and better" is the course that we must follow, we are therefore also committed to sharing our itinerary in order to give you the keys to consumption more in tune with the rhythm of the planet

no sales, no promotions, no black fridays or cyber mondays and no clearance...

our communications will be above all informative and inspiring, not there to tell you that in October it is starting to get cold and that you need to quickly buy a long-sleeved jersey...