maillots cyclisme route : qu'est-ce qui compte ?

road cycling jerseys: what matters?

ensuring that the products we develop meet your expectations is essential for us.

this is why, to develop our first road cycling jerseys, we asked you to give your opinion on the problems to be solved (premature wear, comfort, cut, materials, finishes, style, price, etc.) and the importance of each of the characteristics (priority to comfort, performance, durability, value for money, etc...?).

these consultations help us to adapt the specifications sufficiently in advance and also to detect needs that we would not have thought of.

for example, a certain number of you report fit problems (too short/long sleeves and too much or not enough bending, etc.), let's quote Fabien:

cuts too tight for the real very fit competitors that I am not

knowing that we will be offering our products for pre-order, we are considering, with the cenyo workshops , our partner for the confection, to give you the possibility, for the same size (M for example) to choose the length of the sleeves and/or the fit of the jersey for example... as is already the case in ready-to-wear with pants where, for the same size, I can choose the length of the legs!

this requires a lot of adjustments in terms of production since each yoke is cut according to the final size of the product which adds a certain complexity to the operating mode of the clothing workshop which is used to cutting fabrics to produce a maximum of 7 sizes.

if we go to ... 7 sizes x 2 or 3 sleeve or fit lengths, we will have to find the right gear!

anyway, one thing is certain, if the expectations often converge, they are nevertheless disparate (the proof in figures below) and it is therefore obvious that we will not be able to satisfy each and every one of you in the slightest of their requirements.

but let's get to the results and the lessons we learned about the design of the products that you will be able to pre-order very soon!

the questionnaire was sent in June (and is still accessible here ) to all members of the community, a little over 300 people.

1. main criteria for choosing a road cycling jersey

what makes the difference, in your opinion, for road cycling jerseys is:

  • quality/durability,
  • the style,
  • comfort
  • and finally the breathability well before the lightness and the compression which collect 2 times less votes

preferred criteria for road cycling jerseys

how does this affect the specifications?

    • quality : our fabrics are made in France using a unique technique for technical fabrics: the warp and weft which consists of intersecting, between yarns arranged in lengths (warp), yarns going in widths (weft). The warp and weft is made on a loom and is reputed to be stronger because it is more resistant to pilling or possible snagging than a mesh (which we use elsewhere) for example.
    • breathability: we have chosen a lighter fabric for the sides and the back, honeycombed, it allows better evacuation of sweat and heat, while on the chest and stomach the fabric is "full" and slightly denser to avoid cold snaps on descents or when the wind picks up
    • as for comfort , it is a criterion that we take into account in 2 ways:
      • the cut: as Fabien said above, we are not all cut like World Tour riders (sic!) and therefore our cuts will be adjusted but our patterns are modeled on the cyclists that we are, history that we can breathe!
      • the choice of materials: once our prototypes have been validated, we will select the final materials, having in mind to provide you with the best possible feel.

2. concerning the cut , for your road cycling jerseys, you prefer , and we understand, a fitted cut, even aero :

cut and fitting road cycling jerseys

3. you prefer a length of sleeves at mid-biceps but are not against sleeves that go down to the elbow:

sleeve length road cycling jerseys

for our first collection, we decided to follow the majority and the sleeves will show the magnificent curve of your biceps - which also allows you to match it with a tan-level T-shirt when you get off the bike!

and for the moment we have chosen a double-needle finish, like those found on a T-shirt, more fitted, allowing it to wrap around the arm without tightening it too much

finally, still concerning the sleeves, you told us that you prefer "raglan" type sleeves directly inserted into the collar and without seams at the shoulder to avoid chafing... request accepted!

4. regarding the number of pockets, we had no doubts, the right number is 3 "cargo" pockets + 1 zipped:

the right number of pockets for a road cycling jersey

so we followed you... well almost... we have indeed decided to add a 5th pocket on the right side to accommodate packaging of gels or cereal bars, take a look!

back view women's road cycling jerseyfront view women's road cycling jersey

the other recurring aspect, not to say painful, concerning the pockets is their accessibility...

either not deep enough to accommodate an Iphone Pro... or too high or too flat and therefore impossible to catch that gel you are dying to finish this interminable 800m climb at 2%...
either too loose and the keys fly at the first speed bump passed over 19km/h...
not to mention the choking sensations when the jersey fabric is too soft and you've taken too many cereal bars!

uh... if Fabien... more than 10 is a lot!

in short, it's a good puzzle and we haven't found a miracle solution even if we have our own idea in terms of design of the back... suspense!

5. we also asked you a question which was also a priori absurd given the score, concerning the zipper... do you need one? if so, all the way up...? Well...

road cycling jersey zip height

so there too, we followed you, and of course the zip will be doubled inside and with a return at the level of the collar to avoid irritation, that said, we do not prohibit ourselves from testing/prototyping a road jersey without zip before because we think it would allow the use of a revolutionary manufacturing technique that allows you to weave a 3D jersey without having to make any cuts... well, we'll tell you more soon!

Following this questionnaire, we organized focus groups with some of you to explore certain points, understand how you chose a jersey depending on the type of outing, how you used your pockets, etc. ...

We had a lot of fun reading you, seeing you too (in video of course but good) and discussing our respective practices and our common passion: cycling!
this certainly enriched the design of this 1st hypernature collection! but we were also able to measure the expectations on other aspects, which are dear to us: those of doing things with and for cyclists and trying to provide an answer to the expectations of eco-responsibility that drive you!

thank you again to those who participated, as a reminder it's not too late to do so, we regularly consult the responses and these surveys remain "open", here is the link to give your opinion on the road jerseys & bib shorts

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